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About MK Appraisal Group
(Founded in 2000)

My sole focus is to provide quality-based, independent, objective business valuation opinions to my clients.  My independence allows me to remain focused on my craft: rendering comprehensive independent value opinions. Because I have no other interest in the transaction, I offer the objectivity necessary to delivery thorough, complete and supportable professional value conclusions.  Since 2000, I have seen trends and gimmicks emerge – but the one and only lasting constant for my firm has been that I always provide quality business valuation services to those clients who Seek Quality 

Low-Fee Solutions are Fleeting, But Relationships Endure…

Our goal has always been to develop and maintain positive business relationships with our professional referral network, those who review our work and mostly: with our clients.  I have found that quality BV services are best delivered through “relationship-with-others”.  You will find that our engagement process, from the initial interview through report delivery and frequent follow-up is sometimes intense and always more helpful than you might expect.  The reason is that I strive to do this BV thing right the first time you engage me.  This effort can never be provided at discounted pricing or by using automated procedures, software gimmicks or through an outsourced production scheme.  Our clients are too important to me to consider such things, so I default - always - to presenting thorough, independent, high-quality BV services to my clients.  Your BV engagement project begins in my office – the production stays in my office and the relationship is maintained from my office. 

Cornerstone Principles

The cornerstone principles — Professional-Level Quality, Objectivity, Expertise and Independence — have enabled the firm’s consistent growth and guide me in each engagement.  I have the ability to understand each client’s business and tailor services to each client’s specific needs.  Boiler- plated reports, appraisal software programs, short-cut methodologies and off-shore outsourcing are not used here.

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